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5 Things You Didn't Know About Order & Scrub, Until Now

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Hellllllo. Glad to see you're back! I have recently discovered that the amount of information I want the world to know about Order & Scrub is endless and that the list just keeps on growing. I am ecstatic to have been able to create this website to use as a platform as a way to both run my baby biz and to share my infinite thoughts, ideas, and emotions that come with turning my passion project into a dream career. Since opening the business in San Diego, there has been a list building of the things I believe are important for future customers and supporters, like yourself, to understand. I have been keeping these thoughts in a mental notepad (..and in my planner, and in my phone notes, and in a Google Doc..) over the past couple of months and it feels like a weight off my shoulders to finally be able to share some of them. If for no one else, it's definitely for me. Being able to release my thoughts through writing has always been a practice of mine and I plan to include more posts like this as the thoughts keep flowing and the business continues to move forward. Below are 5 current tidbits of information I believe are most important to know about Order & Scrub right now -

  1. Order & Scrub is New to the West Coast (but will always carry it's Midwest roots near and dear).

Some major moves were made this past July. I officially graduated with my Master's in Social Work and my wife landed an amazing job-position in San Diego that would propel her into a successful career doing what she loves. So to California we came. As much as the endless sunshine has my heart, being Midwest born is something I will always be fond of as my experiences there taught me a lot about the cleaning business as well as community togetherness. One might not typically think about it, but weather can affect the life of a cleaner in many ways: I've driven to locations in severe thunderstorms and snowstorms and I've cleaned up the muddiest of footprints. I've mopped up basements after flooding from rain and I've helped customers remove large tree limbs from their front walk-ways. The experience of cleaning homes throughout the various seasons taught me a lot about removing tough stains and dirt, but most importantly, it taught me how to be a more conscious community member. My experiences also taught me that cleaning for others is not just a job, but a human experience. Assisting an individual in making their space sparkle is fulfilling to me every single time and the lightness it can bring to a home is incomparable. I am eager to bring my Midwest skills to California and to see what freshness and generosity I can spread here.

2. Order & Scrub can (and has) cleaned just about anywhere!

You name it, we've probably cleaned it. Order & Scrub has experience cleaning homes, small office spaces, libraries, classrooms, restaurants, various small business locations, etc. The more opportunities we have to get into the community, the better. Taking jobs cleaning for local businesses teaches us about the surrounding neighborhoods and introduces us to a variety of people. At Order and Scrub we value being a part of the community, so say hi if you see us in the wild.

3. Pricing and Services Changes

You might have noticed that some prices and services on the website have changed in the past month. Moving to the West Coast has moved us into a different market and we are working on adjusting our pricing to match our new location. If you see a deal or a price that changes shortly after you viewed it, message us and we will work out a deal!

4. Order & Scrub provides the supplies!

Our services are as easy as booking online, then taking a load off. At Order & Scrub all of the necessary cleaning products and equipment to complete the job well are provided unless otherwise requested or suggested. Simple, right?

5. Order and Scrub Loves a Unique Cleaning Project

Order & Scrub has assisted in many unique home and office projects including garage, basement, or storage clean-up or organizing, closet organizing, cabinet clean-out, party set-up and take-down, and more! We have also had fun creating and assisting home management services such as weekly in-home laundry and linen washing and folding, regular grocery shopping or errand running, or yard aesthetic cleaning. Unfortunately we do not offer yard work, but we CAN spruce up and freshen your patio space to feel like home.

Phew! Like I mentioned up top, it feels GREAT to get some thoughts off of my millions of sticky-notes and onto your phone screens and desktops. I have been enjoying introducing Order and Scrub to a new West Coast clientele while getting all of the love and support from my Midwest fam.

Follow @orderandscrub on Instagram if you haven't already, then go switch your laundry over to the dryer if you've been avoiding it all morning like I have.


P.S Comment below if there is something specific you would like to know about Order and Scrub. We love to talk about ourselves.

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