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We have a monthly newsletter!

Hello and happy new year! I am so excited to announce that we launched our monthly email letter last month. Starting the newsletter is something I have been wanting to do for months, so it feels amazing to have the ball rolling.

I was always a snail mail girly growing up. I loved being able to choose adorable stationary,

cute pens and pencils, practice my signature and of course, reach out to friends and family.

Creating the newsletter allows me to fulfill my nostalgic need to have a pen-pal again as well as connect, inform, and share with you all from the comfort of my own couch.

I'll post the January newsletter below. You can come to the blog posts every month to read our latest edition if you do not already receive it in your inbox. Thanks for reading and let's rock this new year.

Amb, Owner at Order & Scrub

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