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Amber Rutledge
Sep 02, 2020
In Welcome to the Forum
Starting Order & Scrub has been a passion project of mine for the past few years. I have always had a passion for cleaning and a natural drive to help others feel good and feel empowered. I was also very aware that a regular 9-5 was never my style and that working underneath someone would stifle my creativeness and drive. I craved to be my own boss and to open a business that customers would see as meaningful & valuable. While I was completing my undergrad and graduate school I worked under many different bosses with a variety of personalities and leadership skills. Doing so taught me a lot about what I would and would not try if I ever started my own business. I would constantly jot down notes, ideas, goals, values, etc that I would consider so that if the opportunity arose, I would be ready. After graduating with my Master's in Social Work this past May I was granted the gift of time. Something that I had lost in the past five years of schooling. I took this gift and I ran with it. I researched, I created, I connected, I committed. I used my years of jotted down notes and the fire in my soul and I built a foundation I am more than proud of. Order and Scrub is my baby and I am eager to watch Her grow and to grow with Her. How about you? What inspired you to start your small business? Share below!
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Amber Rutledge

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