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Home Fresh, Life Easy.

We believe that coming home to a spotless house and a shorter to-do list is necessary for the soul. Order & Scrub specializes in deep cleaning, decluttering, and home styling for people with on-the-go lifestyles. Refreshing your space is our specialty and we enjoy cleaning it just as much as you'll enjoy coming home to it. Inquire today to learn more about our prices and to experience an Order & Scrub clean for yourself. Chat soon!

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Initial Deep Clean


Order & Scrub specializes in deep cleaning homes with the goal of maintaining them regularly once all necessary deep scrubbing is complete. Our team is thorough and detailed and we bring a flair to homes that is unique from other cleaning companies. Our dedication to the craft paired with our special touch keeps our clients coming back consistently. Hit the button below to get your inquiry process started. 

Initial deep clean includes:

Full kitchen deeclean:

Top and front of fridge, inside/outside microwave, stove top and front of oven, front of dishwasher, all surfaces, inside and around sink, deep floor clean, etc. 


Full bathroom deep clean:

Includes: shower/tub, toilet, mirrors, sink, surfaces, floors, etc.


​Full living space deep clean:

Includes: deep dust, full tidy (with that Order & Scrub touch), & deep floor clean in main living spaces

Initial deep clean does not include (unless discussed in the inquiry process):

  • Inside cabinets/drawers

  • Inside oven/fridge/pantries

  • Washing blinds and window tracking (we do not wash microblinds)

  • Decluttering and organization projects
    We typically treat the above tasks as individual projects and prefer to do them on days separate from the initial deep clean. Thanks in advance for understanding. 

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