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End of Summer Thoughts

Hello and how is it October 2023?

This past year has been a wild ride. Like most of you, I’ve experienced incredible highs and uncomfortable lows. I’ve worked hard, cried harder and learned how to laugh through it all. Throughout the months, the business has ebbed and flowed as one does. Time really flies when you’re owning and operating a small biz. Keep reading for an emotional update followed by some important reminders at the bottom.

So, where we been at?

Since it’s been awhile, there are too many updates swimming in my head to get all down in this blog post, so for now, here’s a quick little update and review of the past couple of seasons:

Last Fall, I celebrated my 33rd birthday and felt grateful to have survived and thrived another year with Order & Scrub. I was feeling exhausted as the days started to get dark sooner. Halloween flew by.

When Winter came, I was beginning to burn out, but I was asked to be in the SD Voyager magazine. They showcase the best of San Diego small businesses (and artists) and I was honored to be a part of it. (Check out my article here). I was feeling overwhelmed but grateful for new and exciting opportunities.🫶🏽

Spring sprung and I needed a new outlook on life, so I went to LA for a creative business trip with two amazing friends, Hollz & Kenz. I posed for some new head shots, laughed my heart out, pretended to be paparazzied and revived my soul. When I got back to San Diego, I started therapy and started learning how to separate business from personal as I was struggling to find balance as a new business owner. You can check out some pics from the trip down below.

Alas, we are wrapping up Summer 2023. We are here and we are thriving. Summer always gives me a new perspective on life. It’s all the sunshine, warm breeze, and gorgeous sunsets - they remind me that there are things in life that don’t revolve around work, bills, wild news stories, big girl business steps, or any of the hard, scary stuff that can get me bogged down. Having a more clear head space this summer has allowed me to build deeper connections with my clients, clean harder and better than ever before, and make entrepreneurial moves I never thought I could. The business and I are in a really great place and I’ve never felt more confident in my role as business-owner. Hashtag, queen shit.

It’s weird to be so vulnerable through a blog post, but a goal of mine this year was to be more transparent and authentic so I’m letting the words flow. Thanks for listening.🤎

Photos from the LA trip

Do you have a fav?

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