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May this be quick (haha).

Hi all! Welcome to our May edition of the newsletter-turned-blog-post. We've decided that this will be a short one.

In the April newsletter, we mentioned that our May edition would be dedicated to our most up-to-date Frequently Asked Questions. While that was the original plan, we had a hard time getting out of vacation mode after returning back from our much-needed-Midwest trip. We had a blast seeing both of our families and watching our best friends get married (we sobbed). Once back in San Diego we decided to ride the high and commit the rest of May to catching up with friends, hitting up the beach, taking our pup on more walks, and generally being more present. We'll do FAQs in our Summer newsletter.

Before you head out, we have one more quick update and a message for our inquiring clients:

Update: We are extending the Google Review Drawing (to win a $25 gas card) through June 30th. It slipped our mind to give reminders or to promote the drawing on social Media through May, so we're going to try and do a better job through June.

Message: If you inquired in May and have not heard back from us yet, we appreciate your patience more than you know. We'll be back to every May inquiry by this Sunday evening. Thanks again for understanding.

As always, we're so glad you're here and we love cleaning for you,

The Order & Scrub Team

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